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US warns Greece not to give safe harbour to Iranian tanker -

US warns Greece not to give safe harbour to Iranian tankerThe US has warned Greece that it risks facing American sanctions if it gives safe harbour to Iran’s Grace 1 oil tanker, in the latest standoff between the US and EU over the ship’s fate.  The Iranian oil tanker left Gibraltar over the weekend after a month in British detention and is now heading towards the Greek port of Kalamata.  "We have made clear that anyone who touches it, anyone who supports it, anyone who allows a ship to dock is at risk of receiving sanctions from the United States,” said Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state.  The Grace 1, now renamed the Adrian Darya 1, has not officially confirmed it is heading to Greece and the Greek government said it was monitoring the situation. "The vessel is cruising at low speed and there is still no formal announcement that it will arrive at Kalamata. The Merchant Marine Ministry is monitoring the matter along with Greece's Foreign Ministry," a Greek Shipping Ministry spokesman said. If it does seek to dock at Kalamata, the Greek government will face a choice between turning it away and risking US sanctions. The US said it had conveyed its “strong position” to Athens.  The US government says the ship and its 2 million barrels of oil are being used to support Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which Washington considers a terrorist group. Mike Pompeo warned Greece not to accept the tanker Credit: JACQUELYN MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images The Trump administration made a failed attempt to get Gibraltar to further detain the ship but the British territories said it had no legal grounds to do so and so let the tanker sail.  The EU has not designated the Guard as a terror group and EU states say they will only move against the ship if it attempts to carry its oil to Syria, which is under European sanctions.  Iran is unlikely to release the Stena Impero, a British-flagged tanker it seized in July, until it has reassurances that the Grace 1 is not in danger of interception by the US.  Iran initially indicated that the Stena Impero had been seized in retaliation for the Grace 1 but now claims that the ship violated maritime rules in the Persian Gulf.  Mohammad Rastad, Iran’s deputy transport minister, said a court in the southern port of Bandar Abbas would rule on the ship's fate but no court date has been announced.

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 07:40:49 -0400

Iraq probe: Drone strike caused explosion at Baghdad base -

Iraq probe: Drone strike caused explosion at Baghdad baseA drone strike caused a massive explosion last week at a munitions depot run by an Iranian-backed militia near Iraq's capital, Baghdad, according to an Iraqi government report obtained Wednesday. The finding deepens the question of who is behind a string of at least four mysterious explosions that have hit militia bases in Iraq over the past month.

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 07:39:02 -0400

UPDATE 1-Iran's Zarif warns U.S. that Tehran may also act "unpredictably" -

UPDATE 1-Iran's Zarif warns U.S. that Tehran may also act "unpredictably"Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday Tehran may act "unpredictably" in response to the United States' "unpredictable" policies under U.S. President Donald Trump. Tensions between Tehran and Washington have risen since President Trump’s administration last year quit an international deal to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions and began to ratchet up sanctions. President Trump cannot expect to be unpredictable and expect others to be predictable.

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 07:18:33 -0400

UPDATE 1-Trump offers help as UK's Johnson asks Merkel to budge on Brexit -

UPDATE 1-Trump offers help as UK's Johnson asks Merkel to budge on BrexitPrime Minister Boris Johnson is set to tell German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday that unless she agrees to change the Brexit deal, Britain will leave the European Union on Oct. 31 without a deal. More than three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, it is still unclear on what terms - or indeed whether - the bloc's second largest economy will leave the club it joined in 1973.

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 07:12:43 -0400

Russia’s Last Nuclear Mishap Shows Cover-Ups Are Becoming Harder -

Russia’s Last Nuclear Mishap Shows Cover-Ups Are Becoming Harder(Bloomberg) -- The shroud of mystery surrounding Russia’s latest deadly nuclear accident will become increasingly difficult to maintain once the data starts to roll in.That’s the lesson of a team of scientists who showed last month -- days before the Aug. 8 explosion that killed five Russians -- that “a sizeable, yet undeclared nuclear accident” had occurred two years earlier in Russia, possibly from a nuclear-fuel facility once used to manufacture plutonium for weapons.In a report for the U.S. National Academy of Sciences published July 26, the team reconstructed data to demonstrate why it’s becoming harder to suppress information about nuclear accidents. New radiation-detection networks, satellite constellations and even social-media streams all help to open novel pathways to pry into states’ most closely held secrets.“Here we see the powerful nature of an independent, science-based network,” said Georg Steinhauser, one of the report’s lead authors.Cold WarRadio-chemistry techniques used to reverse-engineer nuclear incidents are nothing new. During the Cold War they were the domain of intelligence programs that operated under code names like Dragon Return or Bluenose. They deployed global detection networks to sniff out and collect radioactive particles released by atomic tests in order to get restricted information out from behind the Iron Curtain.What’s changed since the demise of the Soviet Union is that new layers of highly-sensitive detection technologies have been added to global monitoring networks and that much of the data being generated is available to researchers, according to Jeffrey Lewis of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.“We live in an era of data ubiquity,” said Lewis, who routinely uses satellite imagery and models once only available to intelligence services. “Researchers can use different streams to confirm each other and build a surprisingly comprehensive picture based on public information.”One of the most powerful detection networks available is run by the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty Organization. The Vienna-based body operates a $1 billion international array of some 320 stations spread around the globe, which monitor the air, land and sea for signs of nuclear explosions. CTBTO data was instrumental in both the National Academy of Science report about the 2017 Russian incident, as well as this month’s accident 1300 kilometers (800 miles) north of Moscow.Russia has provided little information about this month’s blast involving a failed missile test, which killed five atomic scientists and was followed by reports of a brief spike in local radiation levels. President Vladimir Putin’s chief spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, dismissed a simulation tweeted by the CTBTO chief showing how the nuclear particles would have moved across Russia, telling reporters this week that “a map of how a radioactive plume could spread after the accident -- the wording itself is quite absurd.”Chernobyl DeceptionToday’s network of radiation-detection monitors are largely as a result of Russian deception following the 1986 meltdown in Chernobyl, according to Steinhauser. European researchers responded by setting up an independent network they call the Ring of Five that “will always remain online and ready,” he said.The National Academy of Sciences report used data compiled by the CTBTO and European regulators to trace the origins of a 2017 plume of radioactive material that spread across Eurasia. While the cloud of Ruthenium-106, a rare stable isotope used in some medical procedures, didn’t threaten public health outside Russia, its source remained a mystery until Steinhauser and his team concluded it came from a Russia, most likely the Mayak nuclear complex.Rosatom, the state-owned nuclear company to which Mayak belongs, has denied any accident took place. Russia earlier suggested the Ruthenium spike could have been caused by an old satellite burning up on reentering the Earth’s atmosphere, a conclusion now definitively rejected by the scientists who authored the report.Skyfall Accident“While the general public may certainly benefit from as much openness and transparency as possible about incidents involving radioactive material and especially radioactive releases, each state finds its own way to balance that openness against its national security considerations,” wrote Vitaly Fedchenko of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.That point was underscored this week when four CTBTO monitoring stations in Russia fell offline and stopped transmitting radiation data to researchers about the so-called Skyfall accident, which people including U.S. President Donald Trump believe to involve testing of a new missile system. But cutting the lines to one system won’t necessarily disrupt researchers from eventually getting to the bottom of the event.“Taking a few stations offline didn’t stop four stations in other countries from detecting the explosion,” wrote Lewis, the Monterey, California-based researcher. “There is also social media information, which forced the authorities to acknowledge the dead nuclear scientists, as well commercial satellite data.”To contact the reporter on this story: Jonathan Tirone in Vienna at jtirone@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Reed Landberg at, Alan Crawford, Gregory L. WhiteFor more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

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